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5-Star Movie Summaries


Attention Fellow Film Lovers: 


This space is all about appreciating the merits and mastery of every drop of creative sweat that goes into the writing and production of each film--from the first draft to the final cut.  Instead of doing reviews full of my highly biased opinions--I've churned out summaries, just to give you a glimpse of stories you may not have seen, so you can decide for yourselves.

If you've ever been in the trenches as a filmmaker, then you know that there is more work and more logistical challenges involved in making a movie than most "civilians" will ever know.  As a kindred spirit, I have nothing but reverence and kudos, and the certainty that I can't do any better.  A good film is a good film, and that's that.

Hats-off to you all,

T. Bear


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